JH Football


Carol Cox

Tackling the other player as he runs to the in zone

Taylor Hall, Features Editor


LAST WEEK: The junior high team beat Santo 22-8.

PREVIOUS GAMES:  The football team started their season with a 46-44 win over Windthorst and a 60-12 victory over Quanah. They then fell to Chico and Windthorst.

BRIGHT SPOTS:  “Our defense has been doing excellent,” seventh grader Laine Hall said.  “We all know what to do when we are out on the field and get along well.”


“The team is very fast and we have really strong kids,” eighth grader McKinnen Beaver said. “Our players are good and we get along great with one another. Everything is very exciting and I don’t think we have any weaknesses.”

INSIDE  SCOOP: The junior high football team has a lot of seventh graders, Hall said, but the seventh graders know what to do and play well.