Students, teachers escape by listening to, making music


Jacob Wadley

Freshman Breden Hulse listening to his favorite type of music.

Emily Strenski, Editor-in-chief

For as long as anyone can remember, music has found some way to incorporate itself in day-to-day lives. Some people listen to music to escape from their thoughts, or out of boredom and some people have even made it their careers.

“I listen to pretty much anything ranging from rock to classical to jazz,” assistant band director Kevin Elliston said. “I got into band with my passion for the saxophone, and that led to me being a music education major in college, which led me here.”

Some students listen to specific music genres to get themselves in a certain mood.

“Rap always gets me pumped up for anything, no matter what my mood or the situation is,” sophomore Ricardo Miranda said.

Junior Justin Mabry said that his music habits include listening to generally happy songs, as well as writing and playing his own music.

“If I’ve had a bad day, I’ll listen to happier tunes,” Mabry said. “Whenever I play my own music and write my own songs, it always manages to pull me out of whatever is going on at the time.”

Sometimes, students will listen to music simply to pass the time.

“Honestly, I’ll listen to anything if I’m bored,” senior Phillip Richardson said. “Usually, I’ll listen to older music. I just think they’re more my style, and they’re fun to listen to.”

Other students will listen to a certain artist because they identify with their messages.

“I usually listen to Billie Eilish because I understand what she’s saying in her songs,” junior Mikayla Jones said. “I relate to her lyrics and they’ve helped me through tough times.”

Rap always gets me pumped up for anything, no matter what my mood or the situation is.”

— sophomore Ricardo Miranda

Sophomore Zachary Vann said that writing music for him is a great way for getting all his feelings out.

“I write music because it’s a way of expressing my emotions,” Vann said. “ Sometimes I’ll even make up scenarios in my mind that I translate into my words.”

Senior Rachel Patterson said that she has a music rotation she sticks to every day that helps her get ready and focus.

“In the morning I’ll listen to Billie Eilish on the bus,” Patterson said. “She kind of sets my mood for the day. After school I’ll listen to Dodie on Spotify while I’m studying because it’s calming and puts me in a good mood.”

Freshman Breden Hulse said that his type of music is easy to sing along to.

“Usually my favorite type of songs are ones with really repetitive lyrics,” Hulse said. “They’re easier for me to follow along and jam out to. I also feel that those kinds of songs always tend to do better in the public eye.”

Music can also be used to help people unwind and even sleep.

“Normally, I’ll listen to Twenty-One Pilots because they make me happy,” senior Ashlynn Penny said. “Whenever I’m getting ready for bed, however, I’ll put on slower, more calming music that puts me in a sleepy mood.”