Emily Shephard, Co Editor

Last Thursday, Principal’s Council students took a trip to Texas Tech University and visited the College of Education, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources and the Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering. Members voted for which college they would like to attend. Seniors Prayze Pierce, Breden Hulse, juniors Emily Shephard, Candace Taggart, freshman Estefani Monroy and eighth graders Kori Keeter and Gideon Towner attended the trip.
Principal Dr. John Sherrill, who led the trip, is a graduate from TTU.
“As a TTU grad, I am always excited to show off our campus because it has meant a lot in my life,“ Sherrill said.
When Sherrill was a student at TTU, some of the new installments did not exist.
“The campus has certainly changed a great deal,“ Sherrill said. “

The Tarkington Hall was being built when I was there and the Fresh Plate Euphorium was not there when I attended”

— Kori Keeter

Keeter said it felt weird touring the campus as an eighth grader.
“The trip did inspire me to work harder in high school so I have better options when I graduate,” Keeter said.
Hulse thought it was fun to look at what the college he has chosen [Midwestern State University] is now a part of.
“Before the trip, I had already chosen to go to MSU,“ Hulse said. “However, it was fun to see what campus I could potentially be on in the future.”
Hulse said he was excited to tour the engineering college.
“I want to study computer science and I liked that I was able to listen about the computer science program at TTU,” Hulse said. “I also liked the abroad options that were offered because I want to be able to go to Paris one day.”