Honor society starts year with activities

NHS sees play, holds fundraiser, hears speaker


Carol Cox

Former graduate John Barton speaks to students at the annual Lunch and Learn meeting.

The National Honor Society was involved in several activities throughout the first months of the new year.

The annual NHS trip was Feb. 3. The group went to watch a production of “Romeo and Juliet” at the Kalita Humphreys Theatre in Dallas.

“The most fun part of the trip was the bus ride,” junior Erin McGregor said. “I enjoyed the play. It kept me on my toes even though I’ve heard the original story.”

The NHS delivered donuts Jan. 29.  The newest members participated in selling donuts for the first time.

“The students sold 115 dozen donuts,” sponsor Bethann Oswald said. “We made a good profit that will go toward the tickets from the trip.”

Mr. Barton told us to not let anyone tell us what we can’t do.”

— senior Madison Lucido

The annual Lunch and Learn Meeting was held Jan. 18.  Pizza was provided for the members while former graduate John Barton spoke about future education and goals.

“It was awesome,” Ms. Oswald said. “It’s always fun to hear from hometown friends that have had rewarding careers and continue to do cool things.”

Mr. Barton travels all over the world through his job.  He said to set high goals and work hard to get there.

“Mr. Barton told us to not let anyone tell us what we can’t do,” senior Madison Lucido said. “This is special for me because I want to live for myself and not care what others think of me.”

Ms. Oswald shared how being the NHS sponsor over the past years has affected her.

“This organization enables me to get to know students and make connections with a fun group,” she said. “Being able to set sparks of motivation that will stick with them after high school is  very beneficial.”