Soloists, twirlers advance to state

New members contribute to band


This year the Prowlin’, Growlin’ Wildcat Band has welcomed new members to the family.

The twirlers were a part of all the football games, and they traveled to Wichita Falls High School to compete in the University Interscholastic League solo and ensemble contest.

“It’s been a lot of fun being able to be a part of all the football games this last season,” freshman Audrey Schroeder said.

The twirlers have been working every Monday after school with Ms. Donette Odom.

“The girls are very dedicated to what they are doing,” Ms. Odom said. “They are working very hard.”

At the district competition, they received a division one rating as a group as well as individually.

“We try to practice every Monday after school,” Schroeder said. “So it makes me really proud to know that all of our hard work is beginning to pay off.”

Eighth grader Morgan Veitenheimer was also a part of the twirlers team that went to district. She will be going with them when they travel to Austin to compete at state.

“It makes me really nervous to be going to state with high schoolers,” Veitenheimer said. “But I’m also excited because it’s a once-in-a-life-time thing, and I’m really honored to be a part of this team.”

Ms. Odom said that the girls performed very well at contest and she expects them to do very well at state.

“They did such an awesome job,” Ms. Odom said. “I am beyond thrilled.”

The band also sponsored sophomore Hannah Mays to compete in UIL Solo on the piano.

“Solo and ensemble also offers a chance to compete with the piano,” Brunker said.

Mays has been playing the piano since she was in second grade.

“I’ve been playing the piano for a really long time,” Mays said. “I feel a lot more comfortable with the piano.”

Although Mays will not be advancing to state, Mrs. Brunker said that she still got an excellent rating.

“I knew that she was really nervous,” Mrs. Brunker said, “but she still did very well.”

I’m proud of all of the students’ performances”

— Director Karen Brunker

Freshmen Brian De La Rosa, Emily Richardson, sophomore Josie Emrick, junior Toby Crowley and senior Anna Richardson all received a division one rating at contest.

“I’m proud of all of the students’ performances,” Mrs. Brunker said. “Unfortunately not all of the students were able to advance to state because they didn’t memorize their music.”

Emrick, Crowley and Emily and Anna Richardson will also be advancing to state solo and ensemble competition in Austin in May.

“I’m very excited,” Mrs. Brunker said. “This will be the most I’ve taken to state so far.” The competitors have been practicing their pieces and trying to master every detail of their music.

“I was really nervous and I thought I messed up a lot,” Crowley said, “but I’m feeling more confident now that I know that I did good enough to advance to state.”

The J-Cat band also participated in the district solo and ensemble contest.

“All of the junior high did very well,” Mrs. Brunker said. “They all worked very hard on trying to perfect their solos.”

Seventh graders Cade Strickland, Jacob Wadley, Tessa Brooks, Davis Mays, eighth graders Erika Guerra, Emily Strenski, Mathew Walker, Justin Mabry and Desiree Biggers all received a division one rating on their solos.

“The judge helped me understand what I need to work on to become better,” Strickland said.

Seventh grader Bailey Cox, eighth graders Sarah Newton, Sarah Newell and Morgan Veitenheimer received a division two rating on their solos.