Out with pods and in with new school, students look back on year in portables


From being ready to put the pods behind them, to realizing the pods aren’t spacious enough, the pods have been a topic of conversation all year.

“The transition to the pods wasn’t the worst thing that could happen,” junior Lucas Howell said. “Overall, I’m ready for the new school since I’m realizing now that they’re too small.”

Sophomore Taylor Mayes said she was lost in the pods at the beginning of the year.

“Being in the new pods felt weird; I was not used to it at all,” Mayes said. “Now I like them and know where every class is, but I’m ready for the next building so I can have my own locker again.”

Other students like junior Erin McGregor said she didn’t enjoy losing the old school and having classes in the pods for a year.

“I’m mad about losing the old school with all the memories I’ve had in it,” McGregor said. 

I knew at the beginning of year we would be getting closer; now I know we really need extra space.”

— Erin McGregor

Others feel the same about being moved to the pods.

“I wasn’t happy with the old school being torn down; I really wished we didn’t have to be put in these pods,” freshman Emily Richardson said. “Now I feel sad for the pods. They’ve been beaten down by the students and now I’m ready to leave them.”

Freshman Joshua Wilcox said he disliked the pods at the beginning of the year.

“The temporary pods are too small for me, and they had a funny smell at the beginning of the year,” Wilcox said. “Now they don’t smell as bad as they did, and I got used to them.”

The idea of being placed in a different type of building was appealing to senior Anthony Browning.

“The pods were all right to me at the beginning of the year, “ Browning said. “I liked them since they were something new to experience, now I’m seeing how crowded it is in them, so I’m feeling pretty happy to finally leave them.”

Being in the pods was a new experience for sophomore Lane Collins.

“At the beginning of the year, I felt like moving to the pods wasn’t that big of a deal,” Collins said. “They’re fine as of now, and the pods are nicer compared to ones I’ve seen used by other schools.”

Senior Jenna Vieth said she was unhappy to have to graduate out of the pods and not in an actual building.

“I thought going to classes in pods was going to be weird since schools are usually not like trailer houses,” Vieth said. “I’ve gotten used to them since change is always there, but I feel like I would be happier to graduate in a real school instead of pods separated from everything.”