‘Pokemon Go’ holds on to popularity

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‘Pokemon Go’ holds on to popularity

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Releasing the imaginary world of catching creatures on to the real world, “Pokemon Go” has captivated millions with the idea of finding and capturing these Pokemon in and around their neighborhoods. “Pokemon Go” allows players to collect Pokemon to power up and use later in gym battles by walking to discover them all throughout the world.

On the day of release, the game was in a very unstable state, disconnecting a majority of the players desiring to play. After a couple days from release, “Pokemon Go” was running with high stability, allowing people to begin their journey of being a Pokemon trainer in their own area.

The mechanics involved in the game immerse the user in the Pokemon world, incorporating augmented reality, which shows their actual surroundings on their phone but with Pokemon added around them. This use of new software can even show a Pikachu sitting on your couch or one of the many different kinds of Pokemon out in the park.

With the need of moving around more to catch more creatures, “Pokemon Go” can be a social experience and a fun way to exercise. Most landmarks, such as public art, statues, and information signs for tourists have been transformed into a Pokestop, which users can walk near in real life to collect items that will be of use to them in collecting more Pokemon and battling other trainers Pokemon. Battling can be done at Pokemon gyms which can be churches, libraries or any other landmarks.

Pokemon eggs can be collected from those Pokestops but can only be hatched by walking a certain distance. Common Pokemon are usually found in the eggs that require the player to walk two or five kilometers, while the 10 kilometer egg requires them to walk more, which can hatch rarer Pokemon.

Three different teams can be chosen by the player once they achieve level five, which will then let them be able to participate in gym battles. The three available teams to choose from are teams Valor, Mystic and Instinct, which are represented by the colors red, blue and yellow. Although the teams currently only serve the purpose of being able to control gyms with those who are on the same color, many trainers come together to defend and take control of gyms with their friends while meeting and conversing with others who may or may not be on the same team.

With many more updates coming soon to the game, “Pokemon Go” is an enjoyable app that can add variety to daily jogs and walks as well as spark the interest in exploring the outside world to the many users downloading the game.

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