Third ‘Truck Simulator’ game set in USA

Third 'Truck Simulator' game set in USA

Being the third game created by SCS Software in the “Truck Simulator” series, “American Truck Simulator” brings the relaxing life of driving semis from Europe and into the United States. The overall design of the game stays in line with that of the former games but with improved graphics and new scenery.

At the launch of the game, the only areas that could be driven through was the sunny state of California and the sandy Nevada state with most landmarks placed throughout the game. In a recent update, the Grand Canyon State of Arizona was added, bringing the famous Route 66 vistas and landmarks, 15 new cities and adding other known sites such as the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River.

The main gameplay revolves around the player buying a company and earning funds to improve upon this company and the trucks driven by doing jobs transporting machinery or other cargo for other people. Once enough money is earned, the user can then buy his or her own truck and do jobs for others but to pay the fuel expenses themselves.

As the money rolls in from the jobs finished, the player’s own company can be created, choosing which city the company will be based in and allowing customization for paint jobs and other upgrades. Other drivers can be hired to do jobs for the trucker owning the business, enlarging the business and bringing in more profits.

In terms of how realistic the game is, other cars controlled by the game will respond to how the player drives on the highways and cities, stopping or slowing down if the player halts his or her truck in the middle of the street and possibly blocking it. Tickets can be given out to those who go over the speed limit if caught by traffic cameras and if other cars get damaged on the road. The truck and cargo each can be damaged with negative effects being repair costs and losing money when turning in the job.

The overall feeling of the game is relaxing with the long hauls allowing the driver to take in the scenery, with occasional jets screaming across the skies or tumbleweeds rolling across the dusty desert highways. Music is provided by the in-game radio with a variety of actual online radio stations that can be heard. In comparison to the previous game in the series “Euro Truck Simulator 2”, the soothing sound of rain and the countryside of Europe might seem more relaxing to others than the bright cities and vast desert roads that the new “Truck Simulator” game offers.

Although  similar mechanics and design are involved in this version of the game as they were in past ones, “American Truck Simulator” offers new land to be driven over, new cargo to be hauled across roads and cities in the United States and a new feeling of exploration. With more states and different trucks being added in future updates, this game is well worth the price if this genre and feeling of relaxation is an interest.