Wildcats fight for chance to be in running for playoffs

Football team must defeat Haskell, Electra


The varsity football team runs out of the tunnel.

The varsity football team has a record of 1-6 and still has hopes for a playoff run.

Sophomore Coltin Knobloch said the Wildcats are still looking beyond district.

“The ultimate goal is playoffs,” Knobloch said, “Electra is going to be a challenge, but Haskell is a team I think we can beat.”

Sophomore Gavin Morris said that the reason the team keeps working hard is because they have a brotherhood. They are playing for each other and hope to get to the playoffs.

“Our goal this year is to make the playoffs for the first time since 2010,” Morris said.

Freshman Morgan Mobley said he has the same desire for playoffs.

“I want to prove a point to the ones that doubt us,” Mobley said. “I think we have a good chance to do that against Haskell as long as we show up and work hard. With Electra it’s definitely going to be a fight.”

Senior Jeremiah Cooke has a personal goal this season. He said he obviously wants to make playoffs, but he also just wants to make memories and leave something for the younger kids.

“I think we want to leave a sort of legacy,” Cooke said.

We want the younger kids coming up to know not to give up, even if they stay losing. I want them to work hard no matter what.”

— senior Jeremiah Cooke

Freshman Justin Mabry said he wants to show that just because the odds are against you doesn’t mean you have to stop fighting and working hard

“I want to make playoffs,” Mabry said. “After playoffs I want to go as far as we can.”

Junior Morgan Wylie said that it’s not easy to keep fighting when they are struggling, but that he feels like the team is something special.

Wylie said it’s easier when they play for each other, and that’s what they try to do every Friday.

“We work hard regardless of the score or our record,” Wylie said. “I think people can look at us and just realize that no matter how tough things get all you have to do is work your tail off every day and never give up.”

Wylie said that the team goal is playoffs, but that they are taking it one week and one game at a time.

“Personally I think we are just working to get better every day,” Wylie said. “We’re doing all we can to help the team and reach our goals.”

Freshman Kade Dagley said that he has the same goal as his teammates.

“I want to make playoffs just like everyone else,” Dagley said.

Senior Brandon Kellar said he is hoping for playoffs as well.

“We haven’t made the playoffs in six years,” Kellar said. “I hope we can do it for my last year.”

Senior Darek Simmons said that there is no reason to quit now and that it’s time to finish strong.

“We have made it this far,” Simmons said. “I want to finish my senior year knowing that I did my best and worked hard.”

Senior Tyler Briggs said he feels the same.

“I want to make the best of my last year,” Briggs said.