Clinton viewed as having more political experience


Ranging from being more politically experienced than other candidates to how she composes herself in the face of insults and issues, students back Hillary Clinton as the next president.

“Clinton is more politically experienced than Donald Trump because she spent a long time as secretary of state and was able to see what some of the duties in office could be when her husband was president,” senior Guy Richardson said. “She has also revealed her plans to remedy current issues and shows confidence in the face of insults.”

Clinton’s involvement with politics and her achievements during her time as secretary are agreed upon by freshman Sarah Newell.

“I respect what she is doing right now as she did great things as secretary of state,” Newell said. “I believe she will follow through with her ideas to help the country and make it greater.”

One reason Clinton is favored is because of how she treats others.

“I would rather have Hillary Clinton as president because she doesn’t have a bad temper like Trump does,” freshman Kodi Graham said.

Hillary isn’t rude to women and has more respect for them.”

— Kodi Graham

Freshman Breanna Howard said she would rather have neither candidates for president but favors Clinton more.

“Both of them have negative qualities, but I find Hillary less annoying than Trump,” Howard said. “I would rather have her as president than have one that I see as annoying.”