NHS inducts 14 members


Carol Cox

Inductees repeat the NHS pledge led by President Maeley Herring.

The National Honor Society inducted 14 new members on Nov. 6. The 14 new inductees brought the total number of members to 49, making this year’s NHS group one of the largest.

Members inducted were Harley Anderson, Samatha Clements, Brian De La Rosa, Dalton Drennan, Chelsea Fowler, Coltin Knobloch, Ashtyn Moorehead, Gavin Morris, Rachel Patterson, Ashlynn Penny, Emily Richardson, Audrey Schroeder, Allyson Warren and Jacob Wilhelm. 

It’s impressive having this many people in our school who meet the criteria for joining NHS.”

— senior William Warren

“I’m really impressed with the group we’re inducting this year,” senior vice president Eliot Hilbers said. “It will be really helpful having so many members when we start doing our community service projects.”

Senior William Warren, community service chairman, is also “very glad” to have such a large group of members this year.

“It’s impressive having this many people in our school who meet the criteria for joining NHS,” Warren said. “I think it reflects very well on our district.”

The society’s officers are hoping to have more projects available for members to participate in this year than there have been the last several years, said NHS sponsor Bethann Oswald.

“We have several ideas for the things we would like to accomplish this year,” Ms. Oswald said. “I think it would be great if we could do more drug-awareness assemblies or an etiquette assembly along with all of our other projects.”

Every year the National Honor Society holds five-to-six donut-selling fundraisers. This year, however, the NHS has decided to change the brand of their donuts to Shipley’s donuts.

“We wanted to try something new,” Warren said. “Shipley’s had fewer locations for people to buy from, and people think they taste better than the Krispy Kreme donuts.”

Ms. Oswald said that while having such a large group will bring more opportunities for the members, scheduling activities that members will be able to participate in will be “difficult.”

“Many of the students who qualify for NHS also take part in several other organizations,” she said. “It’s hard to coordinate with everyone’s schedule and plan events that most of the members can attend.”