New JH one act play cast members expect strong district performance

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Junior high one act play cast and crew members will be preparing for the district contest Nov. 16 in Olney.

They will be preforming A Rose for Emily, by William Faulkner. The play revolves around a group of people who explore the home of Miss Emily Grierson, who one day mysteriously died.

Director Leslie Graham said that the play is more sophisticated than what is usually chosen to perform.

“We’re trying to do something different,” Mrs. Graham said. “We’re rearranging staging and lighting, as well.”

I think we’ll do well and walk away from it proud.”

— Director Becky Nogle

Director Haley Owen said that it’s easier to practice because the members are interested.

“Kids got excited when we passed out the scripts,” Mrs. Owen said. “They learned their lines quickly.”

Director Becky Nogle said that they feel comfortable with their talent and members this year.

“It’s good because we can immediately start working with the blocking and making sure the actors are where they need to be exactly,” Mrs. Nogle said. “I think we’ll do well and walk away from it proud.”

Mrs. Owen said that the newcomers to JHOAP have been doing very well.

“Most of our newcomers have a strong knack for drama,” Mrs. Owen said.

Eighth grader Callen McCasland said that the newcomers have been great.

“I feel like they are better than we were last year,” McCasland said. “They’re that good.”

Eighth grader newcomer Sebastian Mabry said that the experience has been awesome.

“You learn something new every day” Mabry said. “It ranges from projection to staging to actually acting.”

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