Arrival of spring brings mixed feelings

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While spring brings warmer weather, it can also cause people to have issues with what others see as positives.

One disadvantage to spring is the resurfacing of bugs.

“I really hate that the mosquitoes are back,” freshman Tessa Brooks said. “It means that I have to put bug spray on, which is a nuisance.”

One thing that freshman Kodi Graham and sophomore Anthony Shelton agree on is the negativity that comes with allergies.

“With the flowers growing back, pollen shows back up in the air,” Shelton said. “It makes my nose clog up.”

Along with allergies and insects, another thing junior Josie Emrick said is difficult is the weather.

“The thing about Texas is that the weather can’t make up its mind,” Emrick said. “It can be really hot one day and super cold the next.”

“All the flowers and trees start to grow back, making everything less ugly.””

— junior Josie Emrick

The arrival of spring sports such as track, softball, and baseball can be a positive.

“I’m happy that spring is here though,” Brooks said. “It means that I get to play softball and enjoy the weather.”

Senior Bode Pierce said that he’s looking forward to graduating this spring.

“The fact that it’s spring means that it’s almost summer,” Pierce said. “I’ll be able to graduate soon and I’m excited for that.”

Sophomore Nianica Dorado said that is happy that spring affects her job as a hostess at Rib Crib.

“Now that it’s spring, I will be able to get more work hours,” Dorado said. “I’ll be able to pull in some more money.”

Emrick said she is happy that the earth is starting to look less bare.

“All the flowers and trees start to grow back, making everything less ugly,” Emrick said. “People don’t count. They stay the same.”

Freshman Mikayla Jones said she is excited about spring because it means she’ll get to be with animals more.

“Most animals start to have their babies,” Jones said. “I’m happy that I’ll be able to be there with them.”