Chromebooks: Student debates on new technology

Chromebooks were introduced to the student body as part of the technology grant. This has brought many new opportunities to high school students.

In previous years, the only way for classes to work on computers was reserving the computer lab for a period. This often was difficult because of conflict with other classes. Even if a class was able to reserve the lab, it was usually for one day. The amount of work that could be accomplished in one period was very small. Now students and teachers can take advantage of working in class whenever computers are needed.

Chromebooks are laptops that work natively through the internet and more specifically through Google. Google offers a suite of apps such as Docs, Slides, and Drive. These compare with Microsoft programs such as Word and Power Point, but Google has one very substantial advantage over Microsoft: cloud saving and sharing. Any work that is done on Google’s apps such as Docs is automatically saved online. This allows for easy access from home, or on any computer.  There is also a “Share” feature that allows students to share their projects with each other and work together in real time.

Another advantage for each student having a personal Chromebook is the ability to use them throughout the entire school day. Some students do not have access to a computer at home, so allowing them to use their Chromebooks at success and lunch periods helps their productivity level.

The introduction of student Chromebooks has been a pleasant experience for students. Productivity levels have increased and the student body has benefitted greatly from them.