Students receive new tech

Chromebooks assigned to 9th-12th graders for class use.


The high school students were all issued Chromebooks to use throughout the day.

“I think that the Chromebooks  break the monotony of daily class work,” sophomore Maggie Coates said.

Sophomore Tessa Brooks said using pen and paper every day can be boring and are easy to lose. She said the Chromebooks will hold students responsible because they can’t say they lost their work.

“I think  the Chromebooks are useful especially with assignments because it is harder to lose on the computer,” Brooks said.

The Chromebooks have started as just for high school students but there is hope to expanding to junior high, technology director Bethann Oswald said.

“We had the carts for the teachers and they were being used so much that we thought it would be best if there were Chromebooks for all students,” Ms. Oswald said. “When teachers know that students will have Chromebooks every day, it opens up a whole new idea for lesson plans and allows for easy access to your stuff.”

She added that the Chromebooks prepare students for their future which will likely incorporate technology.

“I think the Chromebooks are useful and that they also bring many opportunities for this coming year,” freshman Luke Haehn said.

I think that the Chromebooks  break the monotony of daily class work.”

— Sophomore Maggie Coates

Even though there has been an adjustment to using the Chromebooks and being responsible for them, junior Jacob Wilhelm said they seem to already be beneficial.

“The Chromebooks have been helpful to me already for college history, so I think they will be helpful throughout the year,” Wilhelm said.

Although Wilhelm said the Chromebooks are beneficial, not all students think they are useful.

“I hate having to carry around the Chromebooks and the responsibility of  it,” junior Destiny Biggers said. “I do think that they might be useful for other students with certain assignments but just not for me.”

The school bought 200 Chromebooks with 25 going to the elementary.

“I don’t use the Chromebooks for most of my classes so it’s a hassle but when I do use it in my classes, it is useful,” junior Audrey Schroeder said.

The Chromebooks were funded through the bond program and the board has made a commitment  knowing they will have to replace the machines about every three years, said Ms. Oswald.