FCCLA plans for future events


FCCLA President Taylor Mayes prepares to deliver spirit items for homecoming.

Jesica Crouse, Reporter

With the completion of the homecoming tea and the mum sales, Family, Career and Community Leaders of America are planning more events to come.

President Taylor Mayes said she plans to do more fun activities.

“This year we are planning to get shirts, which is new,” Mayes said. Along with the shirts and new officers, the FCCLA club plans to branch out and begin competing competitively and join the national charter.

“I guess we’re going to go with the flow and try new things,”  co-vice president  Brian De La Rosa said.

The members will be able to choose the contest in which they want to  compete.

“Whatever suits the members wanting to participate will be what we do,” FCCLA sponsor Donette  Odom said.

“We get to embrace our creativeness, leadership skills and help us prepare for the future.””

— Senior Taylor Mayes

“I have encouraged the students to participate and reach out so we can be a part of what’s going on outside of Archer,” Ms. Odom said.

  The competitions the members can participate in vary from personal finance, food science nutrition, early childhood and human development to hospitality, fashion and housing design.

“I think it would be a good idea because we’d get more ideas,” De La Rosa said. “If you know me, you know I’m a very competitive person, so I like it a lot.”

Besides pushing their sense of competition,  Mayes said it will further build on their skills.

“We get to embrace our creativeness, leadership skills and help us prepare for the future,” she said.