Elementary plans activities


Bethann Oswald

Coach Andrew Morris sits in the dunk tank awaiting the dunk of doom.

Grace Nelson, Reporter

The elementary and middle school students have been preparing for a variety of events this year.

The Parent Teacher Organization sponsored the Big Kahuna fundraiser. Students who sold at least 15 items were rewarded with a trip on the party bus to eat pizza.

The money from the fundraiser goes to field trips for the kids, teacher supplies, rewards for the kids and field day.

The PTO also organized the fall carnival.

The money raised will help pay for field trips, supplies for teachers in elementary, library books and special perks for children.

 The Red River Optimist Essay Contest. Mrs. Miriam Knobloch’s fourth grade writing class all participated in the contest.

“In today’s world of emails and texts, it’s nice to receive a hand written letter,” Mrs. Knobloch said.

The first place winner was Lauren Shephard, age 9.

“We wrote about the good times and the bad times with our grandparents,”  Shephard said.

Second place was Kylee Sheppard and Bailey Cooke was third place.

“It was amazing,” Sheppard said. “I wrote about the times my grandmother took me to the water park.”