Band switches from marching to concert


Carol Cox

Band at Memorial Stadium

Paige Victory, News Editor

The Prowlin’ Growlin’ Wildcat Band competed at district Oct. 21 where they received a 2.

“They showed up and did their best,” band director Karen Brunker said. “I am very proud of them.”

The band will still be marching at the remaining football games.

“I’m excited to learn some new stand tunes and then move on to Christmas music,” Mrs. Brunker said.

Contest for concert season won’t begin until the spring, but the band will be having a Christmas concert.

“I really like concert season better,” sophomore Justin Mabry said, “because it’s not as complicated.”

The PGWB began work on their show, Geometrics, this summer on Aug. 7.

“The kids this year are absolutely amazing,” Mrs.Brunker said. “We got so much important work done during our summer band camp.”

I am very proud of them.”

— Band director Karen Brunker

Junior Sam Clements said that the PGWB accomplished things much faster this year than the last.

“Within the first week, everyone knew how to march,” Clements said. “We did a lot better earlier than last year.”

Five girls from the PGWB went to a leadership camp with Dr. Tim Lautzenhieser where they learned the skills they would need throughout marching season to be a good leader.

“Our director showed us how to handle unexpected situations,” junior Ally Warren said.

Assistant band director David Belcher said that he is very proud of the freshmen this year.

“The freshmen are very talented, hard workers,” Dr. Belcher said. “They are really making a positive difference in the quality of the band.”

Freshman Jacob Wadley said that the summer band camp was really fun, but there was also a lot of work involved.

“Having to remember all of the music and the steps got pretty hard at times,” Wadley said, “but it got a little bit easier every day.”

The freshmen experienced marching for the first time this summer.

“It was a lot different from junior high, but it was really fun after I learned how to keep up with the pace,” freshman Grace Nelson said.