‘Justice League’ dissapointing

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‘Justice League’ dissapointing

Mathew Walker, Opinions Editor

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Detective Comics movie “Justice League” was directed by Snyder and edited by Martin Marsh, David Brenner, and Richard Pearson.

“Justice League” was supposed to be a great film, but the movie did not live up to the fans expectations.

The movie started off promising. It gave a little background information for each super hero.

Then it got slow and repetitive. Every character was recruited almost exactly the same way and it just made that section boring.

Ezra Miller played Flash and he made the movie less serious and way more fun for the audience. All the other characters were so serious and bland that it made the movie almost have no emotion, but the flash cleared that up and provided the comic relief.

I don’t feel like they chose the best villain for the movie. Out of all the villains they choose Steppenwolf. He isn’t the worst villain, but they could’ve given him a better backstory.

And could they not find a better way to bring back Superman? Dirt floats above his grave in the after credits of “Man of Steel,” making it seemed like he was still alive, but in this one he starts out dead, which doesn’t feel right due to the past movies.

This movie was not the best they could have made it and was disappointing for so many fans. Hopefully, the sequel, which is bound to happen, will add a lot more fun to remedy this one.

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