Powerlifters hope for regionals


Junior Sam Clements dead-lifts at the Santo meet.

Grace Nelson, Reporter

The powerlifting team is working toward their goals of advancing to the regional meet.

  “The students have gotten stronger and their techniques have improved,”  Coach Tim Pope said. “Lifting helps in all sports because it makes you overall stronger.”

  Freshman Zane Myracle said that powerlifting makes him feel the need to improve  his lifting techniques and the amount of weight he can lift.

“Competing made me feel that I need to work harder to get a higher place,” Myracle said. “I feel that I got stronger during the first meet.”

Junior Brian De La Rosa said he feels confident in preparing for the next lifting meet.

“Having Coach Pope as a coach is really inspiring,” De La Rosa said. “Being in powerlifting helps me in cross country and track.”

Freshman Matt Kulp said he has loved every minute of powerlifting since he joined.

“I wasn’t too sure about joining,” Kulp said. “Coach [Shad] Hanna encouraged me to join and I’ve loved it ever since.”

Freshman Adam Mangum  said he is feeling strong and powerful when training; one of his goals is to make the 132 weight class.

“The meets are fun,” Mangum said. “I like competing with other people because I get to show them up sometimes. I really hope to make it to state.”

Sophomore Lindy Reid said powerlifting isn’t about how much one lifts; it’s about how to improve every time.

  “We all push each other to do better and we all get along really well,” Reid said. “Everybody is trying to push  themselves to do better than the other person; my adrenaline goes out of the roof.”

Coach Pope’s goal for the team is to make it to the regional meet and to enjoy the journey.

“It’s a fun time when the kids are excited and ready to go,” he said. “I’m proud of the kids because we work out at 6:30 in the morning and they are always ready.”