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English grammar now under attack

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English grammar now under attack

Mathew Walker, Opinions Edtior

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Texting has become a big thing in the last decade, but it is ruining grammar and making people not use a proper form of communication.

Texting is something that most people do today including snapchatting or instagram messaging. These are some apps that people use slang words and acronyms like “gonna (going to), LOL (laugh out loud), TTYL (talk to you later), or OMG (oh my goodness)”. Since they use these words on a daily basis, they eventually use those words in there regular speaking.

These types of words are even starting to be accepted into different dictionaries.If you search in the Oxford English Dictionary you will now see that it  includes texting terms like LOL, TMI (to much information), and OMG. This is one of the sites that have accepted these terms officially as part of the english language.

People use these words when they message one another on a regular basis when they text. According to 97% of of young adults who own a cell phone text on a daily basis and send average of 109.5 text messages in a single day.

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English grammar now under attack