‘Battlegrounds’ released with exciting gameplay

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‘Battlegrounds’ released with exciting gameplay

Ross Ditto, Entertainment Editor

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“PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” is a multiplayer online player versus player game that throws users against each other in a fight to the death.

Developed by Bluehole Studios, “Battlegrounds” is based off  a user-created mod for a much older game, which was based off the movie “Battle Royale.”

The two gamemodes to choose from include first person view or third person view, and three more mods within those: solo play, duo play and playing with a squad. All of these modes can be played on either of the two available maps.

Both maps in the game are large scale and differ greatly. The first one introduced before the full release of the game was a hilly grassland in Russia with a military base separated between two long bridges, while the second involves a Mexican desert with small villages along the roads and a large prison.

The objective of the game is to be the last man or team standing, having to survive against 90 or more other players and the safe zone closing in behind them.

Every couple of minutes the play zone gets smaller in size, forcing players to confront each other. Those that are not in the zone slowly take damage and will eventually lose if they don’t make it out.

Players can choose a place to land once the game starts, able to choose between the more populated larger cities or the empty smaller towns. Weapons of random variety can be found in the buildings and attachments for said weapons are close by.

Random occurrences of bombing zones or “red zones” in the game are another obstacle for players as there is a chance their game could be over if they aren’t lucky and get hit.

The current issue with the game is the constant stream of people hacking the game, which comes from another issue: servers are not locked to a specific region. This means that people playing in China or other foreign countries can jump over into an American server, ruining the gameplay as they lag and hack.

Although there are some bugs like cars randomly flipping and ruining a game, for the most part it is a solid game. “PUBG” is a fun game to play, filled with  high octane battles in key moments of gameplay against other online players.

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