12 Strong

Katie Cooper, Reporter

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“12 Strong” directed by Nicolai Fuglisig is a true story based on the 12 horse soldiers who went to Afghanistan to take out a major asset of the Taliban after 9/11.

The film starts with images of the Twin Towers crumbling along with the Pentagon. At an army base in Dallas, Texas Captain Mitch Nelson is selected to take team of 11 to a city outside the war zone, where they will ride in on horseback.

This war film doesn’t differ from most of the others. “Saving Private Ryan,” “American Sniper,” “Hacksaw Ridge” and countless others all have the same flow. They are all great stories and were told beautifully but they need to change up the rhythm next time. Nothing sets them apart from each other. I feel like everytime I see one, I just think “same difference.” Yes they are all different time periods, different people and new stories but the next director needs a new perspective.

Like the others this movie was very touching in the beginning and transitioned into a serious, action-packed thriller with some sincerity and comic relief thrown in here and there, but eventually all is well.

Overall “12 Strong” is a good movie with a great cast that didn’t quite hit the mark. I was expecting a new fresh way to present a great story but I guess whatever sells works so it doesn’t look like anyone will be changing the quota any time in the near future. “12 strong” was the second best seller in the box office opening week but “Jumanji” beat it out by $4,500,000.

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