Avengers: Infinity Wars

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Avengers: Infinity Wars

Katie cooper, reporter

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“Avengers: Infinity Wars” was directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. It is a sci-fi movie based on all the Avengers with a few added characters who have to stop the mighty Thanos from destroying humanity.

The movie starts with Thanos appearing on Thor’s spaceship to obtain the Tesseract, one of the infinity stones. The whole movie is about Thanos trying to get all the infinity stones on his gauntlet to control the universe.

The film has no real surprises until the end; it’s predictable Marvel. An overall  great cast did a fantastic job but I think they could stand to shake it up next time. It was action packed and full of adventure. Marvel always does a great job of taking the story multiple different ways but tying them in a nice little bow in the end.

The ending was a sock to us all. Don’t worry-no spoilers. I’m still rattled. But it was my overall favorite part because it as so unexpected.   

Overall the movie wasn’t a total bust. I loved all the subtle and not so subtle humor that Marvel always bring to the table.  It’s contradicting  story with an amazing cast.

I can’t wait to see what the next movie has in store. I have so many theories and scenarios of how all that is going to play out.

Definitely worth the price of addmissin even though the only real shocker was at the end.