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Anonymous apps dangerous, harmful

Olivia Taggart, Editor-in-chief

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This is the age of social media. In a study done by Statista, 81 percent of people in the U.S. had a social media profile. Social media allows people to connect with people. But there is a category of social media known as anonymous social media where all users remain completely unidentified.

Anonymous social media is dangerous and has no use in society other than to cause harm.

Social media apps that promote anonymity such as Yik Yak, After School and Sarahah are prime platforms for cyberbullying. Popular anonymous site has been linked to at least five teen suicides due to abusive comments. A rise in the popularity of anonymous apps has led to many app developers creating extra security measures to protect against cyberbullying, but recent studies show that cyberbullying is still increasing.

Anonymous social media seems like a great way to reveal inner thoughts and feelings, but it has mainly become a way for bullies to hurt others without having to worry about consequences.

Students should abandon anonymous social media and take responsibility for their words and opinions.

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Anonymous apps dangerous, harmful