STAAR test should be eradicated

Mathew Walker, Opinions Editor

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Standardized tests are pointless and are just a big waste of time. A test doesn’t help people learn. All a test does is allow someone to check if  students have learned what to do this year.

Why does one test decide whether or not students have learned anything for the whole year? Every student spends time learning what they need to do in order to pass by what the state says that they need to learn, but they sometimes have more on the test that teachers were not told to teach.

It stresses kids out so much to the point that some fail simply because  they will worry whether or not they pass or not. Some stay up studying and lose sleep and that causes them to not have the energy to stay awake during the test.

Students have homework, school tests and other forms of school work just to prepare to take a test at the end of the year over everything.  Why have grades if one test can make students taking the test fail for the year?

It is also a big waste of resources and money. According to, each test cost $3 to $7 per test. That’s about $90 million a year.

Governments are too worried about testing the students when they could put that money toward helping the homeless get a stable life or making homes for orphans.

STAAR is a big waste of time, money, stress and sleep. The test should be eradicated and not even thought of again. Students have tests within school to test their knowledge, so there is no point in the STAAR.

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