Jacob Wadley, Reporter

Although their goal was  to make it back to state, the Ladycat softball team lost to Hawley in bi-district.

Freshman Delaini Hanna still has three years to make it to state, but with this loss, Hanna said she will have to step it up for the following season.

“As a freshman, I believe that I did good even though we lost,” Hanna said. “I plan on working on hitting especially so I can do better.”

The plan is to work on the little things, push them harder and to find leadership.”

— Coach Mallory Mooney

With the loss in bi-district, junior Sam Clements said some improvements need  to be made.

“We made a lot of silly mistakes that ended up giving them runs,” Clements said, “and I feel that we could have done better. I plan on helping the new kids next year mature quicker so they can take things more serious.”

Sophomore Lindy Reid said there are a number of things that she thought could have given them the win.

“We could have been better at hitting against the slower pitcher,” Reid said, “and adjusted for when they changed out. Next year we need to work as a team and not mess around as much during practice.”

Coach Mallory Mooney said she has plans for next year’s training.

“The plan is to work on the little things, push them harder and to find leadership,” Coach Mooney said.