Pro Standardized Tests

Paige Victory, News Editor

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Whether or not standard- ized tests are wanted in schools by the student body and or by the administrators and teach- ers is not up to us.

The state requires that each student participates in the STARR testing process in order to acquire the necessary data

needed to compare scores from our school with oth- ers and in turn our state and nation with others.

Although STARR testing is never something that students look forward to, the process of getting pre- pared teaches students to hold themselves account- able.

Teachers like Mrs. Becky Hanna said that they never look forward to STARR testing, but it’s always so rewarding when she sees that light bulb go off ina students’ eyes when they nally get it.

The main reason that students don’t like the STARR is because they believe that they “aren’t good testers” or that they “aren’t good under pressure.” The truth of the matter is, it’s all in their heads.

If a teacher has done his or her job correctly and students have listened, then the students should already be equipped with all of the necessary tools needed to beat the so called “monster” known as standardized tests.

For those students who struggle to keep up inclass, their teachers meet regularly to try and ndthe best course of action for those who need extra help. Students are permitted, in special cases, to be given their test online where they are able to get the necessary help needed.

Standardized tests may not be a very “fun” expe- rience for students, but they are important to keep.

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