Elementary prepares for field day at stadium

Grace Nelson, Reporter

The elementary students are heading out to the Wildcat Stadium for Field Day on May 31.

There will be a variety of games going on such as softball throw, soccer kick, and long jump. The PALs run the groups and each group lasts 15 minutes.

“I am really excited and pumped up,” junior Coltin Knobloch said.“I am pretty sure there will be a bounce house.” 

PE teacher Tonya Mooney is in charge of the event; the PTO is handing out hotdogs to everyone. 

I am really excited and pumped up.”

— Junior Coltin Knoboloch

“The kindergartners and the first graders are running a 50-meter race and a 100-meter race,” Mrs. Mooney said. “The second graders are running a 100- and 200-meter dash.”

The cheerleaders are having a ‘snackshack’ for the event and all the kids get their  first snow cone free. 

“We will have pretty much any food a kid likes,” sophomour Breanna Howard said. “The event is going during finals.”

Kindergartner Nataleigh McAnally said she is looking forward to Feild Day.

“I’m excited about the food because we get a free snow cone,” McAnally said. “I like to run and race. I’m ready for soccer”.

Second graders Ashley Harvey said she is ready for the athletic part and is hoping to win. 

“I am really good at throwing and soccer kick,” Harvey said. “I can kick really far and last year I won second.”