Students compete at UIL state meet


Grace Nelson, Reporter

Senior Olivia Taggart won the 2A state championship in editorial writing at the UIL academic competition on May 4 at the University of Texas.

You see these other kids go to state and you never think you can do it

— Paige Victory

“It was exciting getting to go on the state trip again because I knew how much fun it would be,” Taggart said. “I love getting the opportunity to be surrounded by other writers with a passion for journalism.”

Two other students, senior Paige Victory and junior Ally Warren, advanced to the state competition. Warren, who advanced in computer science, said the event was a great experience.

“The competition was rough, but it was fun,” Warren said. “There were a lot of people who were very serious competitors.” 

Victory competed in feature writing at the state meet. She said making it to state felt like achieving something off her bucket list.

“You see these other kids go to state and you never think you can do it,” Victory said. “When I wrote my story at the regional meet, I got this feeling; when I found out I made it, my heart dropped” 

Coordinator Leslie Graham said she was very proud of the students for making it so far.

“It’s always exciting and fun when we go to state,” Mrs. Graham said. “You are there with the top students in the state and it’s kind of like there’s a buzz in the air.”

Sophomore Emily Strenski went to state as an alternate. She said it was a great experience.

“Going to state made me feel happy to even be an alternate”, Strenski said. “Austin was so beautiful and I loved it so much.”St