Hunting, fishing brings happiness, calm to students

Hunting, fishing brings happiness, calm to students

Emily Strenski, Features Editor

In the age of smartphones, computers and tablets, students still find time for nature while hunting and fishing.

Students find joy and excitement in fishing.

“The most enjoyable thing for me while fishing is the thrill of the sport,” sophomore Bradley Hastings said. “The fight of the fish gets my adrenaline running.”

Sophomore Blake Dunkel said that he loves how fishing can be useful.

“I love to be able to provide for my family and bring home dinner,” Dunkel said.

For some students, fishing is a great group activity.

“Fishing is relaxing,” junior Ashlynn Penny said, “but it can also be really fun and exciting because I can do it with my friends and family.”

For other students, the tranquility of fishing is what appeals to them the most.

“Fishing for me is like yoga,” sophomore Jack Herring said. “It’s extremely relaxing for me.”

Senior Dalton Drennan’s favorite thing about fishing is the game.

“I love fishing because it’s a waiting game,” Drennan said. “You have to be quiet, and it’s something where you have to rely on your gut.”

However, amongst the relaxing environment, there are some hinderances when it comes to fishing.

“Weather is a big thing,” sophomore Mikayla Jones said. “I don’t like fishing when it’s really cold, or when it’s too windy and the water blurs.”

Drennan said that fishing when it’s too hot isn’t enjoyable, either.

“I hate the sunburns you can get from being out on the lake for too long on a really hot day,” Drennan said.

I love being able to see the beautiful sunrises.”

— Layne Briggs

When hunting, students agree that one of the best things about the sport is being out in nature.

“I love being out in God’s country,” Dunkel said.

Drennan said that his favorite thing about hunting is the rush he experiences.

“I enjoy hunting because it’s the most adrenaline I’ve ever had staring at an animal through the crosshairs of a scope,” Drennan said.

Sophomore Kelbin Coleman said that his favorite thing about hunting is his guns.

“I like the feeling of the recoil,” Coleman said. “It gives me such a rush.”

For freshman Layne Briggs, he enjoys the early mornings.

“I love being able to see the beautiful sunrises,” Briggs said.

Sophomore Kade Dagley, however, disagrees.

“I don’t like having to get up early,” Dagley said. “I feel like I need my sleep to be able to hunt my best.”

Like fishing, weather can also be a factor when it comes to hunting.

“Weather is definitely a disadvantage,” Dagley said. “It’s not very fun to hunt in the rain or cold.”

For ag teacher Clifton Russell, the biggest disadvantage to hunting is finding somewhere to hunt.

“Everything is leased,” Mr. Russell said. “It’s a whole lot harder to actually find a place to hunt than anything else.”

For Drennan, his biggest limitation is strictly about amusement.

“Something I don’t like about hunting is how quiet you have to be,” Drennan said. “When something funny happens, I can’t laugh.”

Coleman said that he has no disadvantages when it comes to either hunting or fishing.

“With God by my side, I have no limitations,” Coleman said.