Student expresses opinion on fake instagrams

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Finsta means fake instagram. This can be an account about someone or just a silly account like “ac gossip girl.”

Finstas are a big part of teenage society. The whole purpose of a finsta is to be someone who you aren’t on Instagram. Instagram is a popular social media account that allows people to post pictures to tell about their lives.

  Finstas are used to do anything out of the ordinary. A couple of my friends have finstas, but they use their regular account more than their finsta because they don’t really act out. Some may post pictures of their girlfriend on their real account but on the next account, it’s just a picture of them saying “hmu.”

Finstas are usually closed accounts that only the people they want to see can view them. They are typically made by individuals that want attention (just my opinion). Having finsta accounts can lead to teenagers getting in trouble with their parents because they may post something bad and it gets around.

In my opinion, finstas are not a good way to broadcast oneself. They are derogatory, and they reflects who you are as a person. Many people don’t understand what a “finsta” is, and I think it’s not a good way to portray themselves to the public. If you can’t be yourself on the main Instagram, then there isn’t a reason to have an Instagram in the first place.

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