PALs attend training


Carol Cox

The PALs group attended their training on Sept. 17.

Brooke Rice, Opinions Editor

The student Peer Assistance and Leadership group are preparing for their annual trip to Faith Mission and the Wichita Falls Food Bank for volunteer work in December.

The PALs had their training at Burkburnett High School on Sept. 17.  Rhonda Rowe, PALs sponsor, was there with them at this event.

“Training helps with a situation that might come up in PALs,” Ms. Rowe said.

She also said the training helps the PALs become “better leaders and good role models” by the teamwork games that they played.

Training helps with a situation that might come up in PALs.”

— PAL Sponsor Rhonda Rowe

While the PALs are waiting to do their volunteer work, juniors like Lindy Reid are working with PALees for the first time.

Reid said working with PALees was what she expected, and she “knew it was going to be a fun time.”

Meanwhile, senior Audrey Schroeder is on her second and last year of PALs.

“We got our PALees earlier this year than last year,” Schroeder said.“We also have a bigger group of PALs this year.”