Netflix requires balance

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Sara Kyle, Features Spread Editor

Binge watching, excessive screen time, and catching up on the newest episodes are a few of the biggest traits teens have that correspond with Netflix.

Netflix is a media service that provides movies and TV shows streaming or online.

According to eighth grader Camryn Cox, she watches Netflix two-three hours a day every week.

“I don’t have it personally, but television in general can manipulate time when you need to be doing other things,” junior high reading and language arts teacher Becky Nogle said.

As reported by Business Insider, users of this service on average watch two hours a day, which turns into 14 hours a week.

It’s all about balance. You have to take time to do other things.”

— Becky Nogle

“I watch around four hours a day. Over the weekend I watch around eight hours of Netflix,” freshman Breden Hulse said.

“It’s all about balance. You have to take time to do other things,” Mrs. Nogle said.

Netflix can take up time for homework, chores or even doing social events with friends or family.

“I once chose Netflix over going bowling with my friends,” eighth grader Emma Elmore said. “I really regret it because it would’ve been a really good time with my friends.”

According to Elmore, teens need to “be responsible with time” and “stop watching a screen and start living.”

Netflix can alter time and determination to do anything needed to be done. For example, 30 minutes turns into one hour, one episode turns into four and so on.

“Teens, including myself, need to start focusing on real life,” Hulse said. “It is time for a change.”