‘Detroit’ game offers introspective view

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Kristen Pound, Features Spread Editor

“Detroit:Become Human”is a choice based video game created by Quantic Dream, a video game company in France.  The game takes place in the future where androids have already been created along with many other advanced technologies.

The androids are created by a company called Cyberlife. The androids can be used for personal purposes such as cleaning, personal care, working and other uses to help people with daily tasks.

Cyberlife also created an andoid named Connor who is a prototype model called RK800. His model was sent to the Detroit City Police Department to work alongside  Lt. Hank Anderson to  investigate cases on androids who go against their program and disobey orders. These disobedient androids are called “Deviants” Connor and Lt. Anderson are ordered to find the deviants they are assigned to and interrogate them to find information on why so many androids are going deviant.

The player can play as Connor as well as two other androids named Kara and Markus.

In Kara’s story, she is taken home by her owner and his daughter. His daughter is abused by her father and Kara has to make the decision to go deviant and disobey her orders in order to save the daughter. All of the choices along the way determine how Kara’s story turns out in the end.

In Markus’ story he is the caretaker of an old man whose son returns after years and asks for money. After being repeatedly asked to leave by the old man, his son then tries to hurt Markus because he thinks his father loves the android more than his own son. What happens from there is up to the player.

The deviants who are on the run from the deviant investigators decide to make a group of all the androids who want to be free, called Jericho. In order to gain the freedom they want, Jericho forms a protest. It is once again up to the player wether or not it is a violent or peaceful protest.

Overall, “Detroit: Become Human” is money and time very well spent. Every moment is exciting and full of anticipation. The game has a powerful voice in other problems we have in our society and will open our eyes to how people accept others.