FCCLA Homecoming Tea brings in alumni


Erika Guerra

Donnette Odom welcomes alumni to annual Homecoming Tea. They enjoyed the food and drinks at the party.

Kodi Graham, Entertainment Editor

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America hosted the Homecoming Tea on Sept. 28.

I thought it was really cool that they came to support us”

— Junior Morgan Essary

“I wanted my classes to be involved as well,” FCCLA sponsor Donnette Odom said. “My floral design class helped make decorations, while my culinary classes made refreshments.”

The Homecoming Tea had a variety of visitors. They had two former homecoming queens, one valedictorian, a former FHA (FCCLA’s old title) sweetheart, a recipient of the home economics award, and some graduates of the past five years.

It was also John English’s fifth year returning, a former English teacher and football coach who continues to support Archer City’s previous classes according to English teacher Carol Campbell.

Freshman member Karlee Wilson said she liked the experience of helping people.

“I had a lot of fun meeting the adults, and I really appreciated being able to serve them drinks and food,” Wilson said.

Junior and FCCLA vice president  Morgan Essary, said it was amazing how  graduated members came to give encouragement.

“There were a lot of veteran FCCLA members,” Essary said. “I thought it was really cool that they came to support us.”

The Homecoming Tea was not the only thing they have planned. “Boo Bags” are on the way this Halloween, a bag of candy people can buy and have sent to their friends.