Wildcats hope to reach playoffs after 5-0 start


Susie Mangum

The Wildcat varsity football team runs on to the field carrying American flags.

Taylor Hall, Features Editor

The varsity football team ended the preseason 5-0 but has suffered two losses to Windthorst and Santo to start district.

“Turnovers and penalties have been big causes of the recent losses,” head coach Shad Hanna said. “The team needs to reset the energy levels. Our excitement needs to be the same as it was at the beginning of the season to get back on the winning track.”

Coach Hanna said “not if but when” the Cats win the next two games, they will clinch a spot in the playoffs.

“The strongest   spots are our defensive line  and our offense,” freshman Chase Stafford said. “We have had a lot of good tackles and touchdowns so far this year. Being a freshman on the varsity team is exciting, but challenging at the same time.”

The majority of the team’s points and turnovers come in the second half.

“The team needs to come out stronger in the first half, but the defense is outstanding,” sophomore Callen McCasland said. “Freshmen are stepping up. They are showing leadership and pride.”

The team needs to come out stronger in the first half.”

— Sophomore Callen McCasland

Two district wins are needed to secure a spot in the playoffs. The Wildcats have three games remaining.

We know that we will make the playoffs,” freshman John Machtolff said. “However, we need to get back to the family atmosphere that we used to play in to have success in the playoffs.”

The team contains players from each class, so there’s a mix of age in the team.

“We have a tight bond,” McCasland said. “We can have fun and mess around but still know when it is time to be serious.”

Stafford’s position is left guard and right defensive end. McCasland plays wide receiver on the offense and serves as an outside linebacker on the defense. Machtolff plays corner and rotates in at slot receiver on the offense.