Weather: Students discuss merits of changing Texas climate

Jacob Wadley, Photo Story Editor

The weather in Texas has to be one of the most mysterious things in America, but that’s exactly why I love it.

When I moved from Wyoming, I had never expected the heat to be like it is but I was sorely mistaken. My first year here in the great state of Texas was rough but after letting my blood thin out a bit, I’ve come to appreciate the temperature changes.

A lot of the changes bring back memories of my old home and the impacts they had on my life. That’s one reason I love the temperature changes.

Personally, I don’t mind the hot and cold temperature switches. It’s almost like the climate is giving. Whenever we are in need of some sort of weather,  we receive it. Even though the stage 5 drought a few years ago was pretty devastating, since then we’ve received plenty of rain.

The changing weather is also nice because I can still go outside and get work done and it not be much of an issue. However, in Minot, ND, you can’t get any work done when it is 35 plus below zero and the snow is so dense that it is covering vehicles.

Another thing I like about this weather is that it can cause some of the best visual moments, like when the lakes and ponds seem to steam in the cool morning or when the calm evening turns into a flashy lightning storm.

This can make for calming views from a distance. Watching a small rain cloud pass as it sprinkles the ground with water makes me really appreciate what life gives us. It is like Texas nature gives back after especially extreme conditions.