Students reveal obsessions


Taylor Hall, Features Editor

Student share different obsessions that can range from fictional characters to food to technology.

“I have some weird obsessions,” freshman Jamal Bogar said. “A couple of them are anime  and video games. They tell really good stories and it can be any type of genre.”

Although parents may think kids are obsessed with technology,  not all are. For instance some people may like one act play, sports, writing, reading, animals  or other things.

“I am obsessed with school work,” eighth grader Abby Havens said. “It just bothers me if it’s not done, so I have to get it done or it will get on my nerves. I also like sports. My favorite sports are softball and volleyball.”

Students such as Logan Kellar are obsessed with entertainment.

“I am obsessed with school work. I have to get it done or it will get on my nerves”

“Netflix and Hulu are my obsessions,” freshman Logan Kellar said. “They have all my favorite shows and movies. I like to watch cartoon type shows like ‘Rick and Morty.’”

Junior Mikayla Jones is obsessed with a celebrity.

“Harry Styles is gorgeous;  you have to love him,” Jones said. “He also has really good music. Billie Eilish is really good too. I like her music because it’s like she really understands me. And I think foxes are adorable; I love them so much.”

Obsessions can have a negative impact on a person life and it can get out of control sometimes. Be careful because it could become a bad obsession.

“I like to watch action movies, hang out with friends and do fun stuff,” freshman Hayden Hilbers said.   “I also obsess over sports like basketball, football and track and my family because I love them.”