Powerlifting members set goals

Ty Bates, Sports Editor

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Powerlifting team members hope to advance even farther than last year.

“With us being young last year, I am expecting us to be more experienced and take our competing to a new level,” Coach Tim Pope said.

With a scattered age group this year, he said the powerlifting team hopes to be able to step it up and take on their challenges when it is needed.

I am looking forward to getting better and I’m hoping to make it farther than last year.”

— Junior Lindy Reid

“We have four freshmen, two sophomores, two juniors and two seniors, and I depend on them to put in the work  during practice and their free time when it is possible,” Coach Pope said

Freshman Chase Stafford said he is looking forward to the first meet and being able to progress throughout the season.

“Since I am only a freshman this year, I am hoping to at least make it to regionals and advance even farther if possible,” Stafford said.

The team is trying to not only make it far but also just never stop improving throughout the whole season in order to step up and get a job done when it is possible.

“I am trying to add 100 pounds to every single max of mine,” Stafford said.

Since they still await the first meet, they are setting goals in order to accomplish them this year.

“I believe that if we are willing to put in the work we could go to state,” Stafford said.

The girls team has gained more depth.

“We have a bigger girls team this year with five so I am expecting us to have more people advance,” junior Lindy Reid said.

Reid made it to the regional meet last year.

“Since I made it to regionals last year, I am wanting to make it to state this year,” Reid said.

With the days decreasing until the first meet, they are getting ready for the season.

“I am looking forward to getting better and I’m hoping to make it farther than last year,” Reid said.

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