Good of country not primary focus of recent elections

Jacob Wadley, Photo Story Editor

Recently, the hotly contested Texas elections took place. The candidates for the U.S. Senate position were Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke. Cruz won the spot with the Democrats taking two seats in the House of Representatives.

The main issue about the elections is that they are really a battle of power. Granted pickers and choosers determine whether one politician is in office rather than the other, but power is what it really boils down to.

It seems that whenever some form of mini crisis occurs here in the United States, each political party is at each other’s throats and sometimes it makes no sense.

Yet when unification occurs, it really proves what politics can be. When the disaster of 9/11 struck, politicians didn’t blame each other. They came together to fight the true common enemy and for an extended amount of time, the title Republican and Democrat was just that, a title.

The parties represent different views on governmental issues, and that’s a positive. The negative, however, is that too often the issue is brought to a stalemate because the parties won’t meet on common ground.

The good of the nation after all should be the primary concern, not whether it benefits red or blue.