Christmas means time for family

Ty Bates, Sports Editor

I enjoy the holidays with my family members because some of them don’t live very close and it is nice to spend  time with them.

So whenever I get the chance to see them during the holidays or at a family event, I enjoy making the time well spent.

My favorite holiday to spend with them would have to be Christmas and NOT because of the presents. At Christmas we have more family participate and so we get to visit more.

When we gather for Christmas, we normally spend around two or three days together until the family departs ways.

Whenever  I go to our holiday events, I try to communicate with as many and talk as much as I can with my family in order to take advantage of the time that I have with  them.

My Christmas’s are usually also the best because my birthday is on Dec 23 so it allows me to have even more fun with the events around Christmas with my family.

In the previous year of school we had our Christmas break and immediately afterwards we took our tests and it was ver stressful to think about the tests over the break.  This year should run smoother though because we are taking our tests before the Christmas break which means that we don’t have to take them as soon as we get back from the Christmas break.

The Christmas break will be well spent as a chance for us to get away from school and enjoy time with our families.