NHS sees play, helps with elementary UIL meet


Photo courtesy of Bethann Oswald

NHS poses in front of the Christmas tree at the Galleria Mall. The group also saw “A Christmas Carol.”

Emily Strenski, Editor-in-chief

National Honor Society members have been recruited to help run the elementary UIL contest on Wednesday. They also went to Dallas to see “A Christmas Carol” and to the Galleria Mall Nov. 28.

“NHS members will be assisting with the concession stand as well as academic events as timers or runners,” NHS sponsor Bethann Oswald said. “Any time the students can assist and be role models for their younger peers is a good thing.”

The school does so much for us that giving time to help isn’t that big of a deal.”

— Junior Sarah Newton

NHS President senior Ally Warren said that she’s looking forward to helping with the contest.

“I enjoy helping and being around little kids,” Warren said. “I’m sure that it’ll be a good day for members as well as the students competing. We’re setting a good example for them.”

Junior Sarah Newton said she feels it’s NHS’s duty to step up and help with the academic contest.

“I don’t mind working for the elementary,” Newton said. “The school does so much for us that giving time to help isn’t that big of a deal.”

Ms. Oswald said that she’s very pleased with the trip NHS took.

“The NHS trip is always the highlight of my year,” Ms. Oswald said. “I enjoy taking students places they may not ordinarily get to go. The production of ‘A Christmas Carol’ was outstanding and in a professional theater with all the sound and technology of Broadway. I think everyone enjoyed the day.”

Junior Blake Dunkel said that the tricks the play used to create drama were interesting.

“The play was amazing,” Dunkel said. “The trap door that took actors up and down for dramatic effect was my favorite part. I also really enjoyed ice skating at the mall. I was flying around the rink.”

Sophomore Emily Salyers also agreed that the play was high in quality and fun to watch.

“The actors and actresses did such a great job,” Salyers said. “Every little detail amazed me. It was like watching a movie. Shopping at the mall was fun too because I got to spend time with my friends. It was a really good trip for my first year in NHS.”