Elementary to compete in district UIL


Mikayla Jones

Sixth graders Jayda Bogar and Adelyn Harvey compete in the district editorial writing contest.

Grace Nelson, Photo Editor

This year the elementary academic district meet is being hosted at the elementary school on December 12. 

First grade teacher Jennifer Herring is in charge of the UIL event.

“This year I have a really talented group,” Mrs. Herring said. “I am coaching Listening.”

Elementary counselor Vicky Lopez is assisting with the UIL event. 

I like UIL because it’s a challenge. You can’t just glance at it and know it. You actually have to study to know it

— Luke Deerinwater

“The eight schools that are coming here are Quanah, Electra, and Olney,” Lopez said. “Also Petrolia, Seymour, Garner  and Windthorst.”

Elementary teacher and Storytelling coach, Kaitlyn Tucker has two returning students who placed last year. 

“I have high expectations for my team,” Mrs. Tucker said. “I feel that they will do great. 

Returning students from last year are third graders are Seth Truette and Landri Beck. 

“I feel good about the contest. I did it last year and got fourth,” Truette said, “so hopefully it will be easier because it’s not my first time.

Beck said she feels excited about the contest and I hope it will be easier.  

“I think I will do pretty good,” Beck said. “I am really glad I got on the team.  

Map, Graphs, and Charts coach Brian Cooke said he  hopes to get first again this year. 

“Everyone on the team is really strong,” Mr. Cooke said. 

Sixth grader Luke Deerinwater is in the UIL event Art Memory. This event is coached by kindergarten teacher Arlina Jentsch. 

“You have to know the name of the artist and the name of the painting,” Deerinwater said. “I like UIL because it’s a challenge. You can’t just glance at it and know it.

Ready Writing coach April Canada said she feels confident about her team. 

“I have a lot of strong writers,” Mrs. Canada said. “I think they will do good.” 

Oral Reading coach Greta Sherill said she feels confident about her team.

“We had 16 try out and we had to have three more practices to pick our team,” Ms. Sherill said. “ Students have six minutes to perform poems.”

On December (date)  the elementary will be singing at the Christmas on the Square.  Art teacher Amy Emerick has practiced with the kids since the beginning of November. 

“The event always turns out well,” Emerick said. “We will be singing songs like ‘Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer,’ ‘Frosty the Snowman’ and ‘Rocking around the Christmas tree.’ 

On December 6 the Pre-K visited the Kell house in Wichita Falls for the Santa House. 

“The event is always awesome,” teacher Tiarra Truette said. “The kids get to hear stories, watch plays and decorate Christmas cookies.”

Pre-K student Tylar Moer said she is excited to decorate cookies and watch movies.

“I get to play with my little sister,” Moer said. “We also  get to decorate Christmas cookies.” 

Pre-K student Ericka Willett said she likes to open  presents and eat candy. 

“I get to play with my sister,” Willett said. “I get to eat lots of cookies.”