Freshman Sees Ups, Downs of High School

John Machtolff, Sports Editor

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Entering high school seems like such a big step in one’s life. It’s the first journey into a whole new phase of life.

The whole “high school” idea is fun and it’s a kid’s first real bit of freedom. High school, however, is very different than most think.

Being a freshman is different than any other grade I have been in. You’re looked both down upon and up to.

Teachers and parents expect us to change our  immature junior high self into a responsible high school student.

All the young kids almost look at a high school student like a grown up just because they’re on a different floor of a building. Yet, the other high schoolers look at freshmen as something they “have to deal with.”

A freshman doesn’t receive much respect or attention from upperclassmen. Freshmen are always given the short end of the stick and the leftovers.

Seniority is this belief by older students that they have some sort of dominance over under classmen.

Seniority is often the deciding factor when getting anything a freshman desires from an upper classmen.

In athletics, get used to being at the back of lines or getting the worse equipment.

All students have a freshman year that they’ve endured. So everyone is on fair ground and it’s just one year of high school.

Even though the treatment can be poor at times, it is nice to receive attention and a little credit from younger students.

There’s also ways to avoid some of the freshman treatment that occurs.

Things like being on varsity sports gets underclassmen chances to hang out with older kids or maybe having some classes with higher grades.

Those little things earn a taste of what high school is going to be like in the future.

Although there are things that make being a freshman not very fun, high school is a lot better than junior high.

It’s nice to feel more grown up and more involved with older kids. It’s more of an independent environment,  it all helps with maturing and most importantly have a good time.