JV Girls Basketball

Grace Nelson, Photo Editor


BRIGHT SPOTS: “We’re young, quick, and we’ve got a lot to learn. They haven’t really played together a whole lot,” Coach Mayson Morris said. 

INSIDE  SCOOP: With the junior varsity girls basketball season just beginning. They have a lot to learn but the team has high hopes Carolina Olivas Hernandez said. 

COACH’S VIEW: “I think we will get better as we go,” Coach Morris said. “It is a smaller group so they will get lots of opportunities.”

ATHLETE’S VIEW:  “I think we will do pretty well as the season progresses, but we still have a lot to work on.  I think we are more prepared for the upcoming games,” freshman Olivia Vogtsberger said.

“I think we did pretty good this time. We have good communication and we will continue to get better at communication,” freshman Daelynn Stewart said.