Teens share ways to relieve stress


Grace Nelson

Sophomore Jaxton Barrett meditates his stress away. He said mediation “has a magical way of relieving stress.”

Grace Nelson, Photo Editor

Studying for tests, writing essays and completing homework are all activities that can be stressful. Since students have to deal with these requirements, they also have to find ways to de-stress.

Meditation is one way to relieve stress, said sophomore Jaxton Barrett who meditates to calm down.

“Meditation is finding your inner peace,” Barrett said. “It has a magical way of relieving stress. After you find your inner peace, your stress is gone.”

Bubble baths are another way to go, said sophomore Haylee Havens who uses them to get some “me time.”

I’ve always loved drawing and I have been experimenting with different medias.”

— Justin Mabry

“It gets things off my mind,” Havens said. “I get time to myself without distractions and people.”

Nature can create a Zen feeling with people. Freshman Gerald De La Rosa said he likes to get some fresh air and just be with nature. 

“When I get frustrated, being outside clears my head,” De La Rosa said. “It makes me feel happy with the fresh air and the trees.”

Music can take people to a whole new level, senior Jhoselin Burgara said.

“Music calms me down,” Burgara said. “I feel relaxed because I don’t have anything on my mind.”

Physical activity is another way to de-stress. Freshman Johnathan Fields works outside when he gets stressed.

“I usually will climb a tree and get the dead limbs down,” Fields said. “It just gives me something to do and clear my head.”

Creativity like painting or music helps junior Justin Mabry who plays guitar when he gets stressed or he paints.

“I usually play anything and everything,” Mabry said. “I’ve always loved drawing and I have been experimenting with different medias.”

  Listening to music and breathing deeply brings freshmen Tyler Foster to a calm level. He listens to music to help him calm down.

“It helps me get through the day,” Foster said. “It makes me feel at ease and the more I do it, the more comfortable I get.”

Junior Wade Drennan uses work to calm his nerves and build up his social skills.

“Work makes me feel better about myself knowing I am making money and not just sitting around,” Drennan said. “It gets me to where I am staying busy and interacting with customers.”

Sleeping can be kind of like a reset button, sophomore Taylor Gipson said.

“I feel really refreshed and calm,” Gipson said. “I like sleeping because it restarts my day and keeps me from going crazy.”