District champs Wildcats set goals for postseason

Ty Bates, Sports Editor

As the playoffs approach, the varsity basketball players and coaches are preparing for the postseason.

“My main focus right now is that we need to play with total consistency throughout the whole game by getting rid of the few minutes in the game where we don’t play like I know we are capable of,” Coach Andrew Morris said.

  The teams practices are more focused now as they approach the postseason.

“We have stepped up our game lately and I am trying to push the team to the max in order to have us playing our best ball when it matters,” Coach Morris said.

They focus on specific skills through the days to ensure that they are ready.

“We have preached to the players all year that we want to maintain good ball movement and turn what may be a good open look into a great look by making one additional pass,” coach Morris said.

The players each have their key aspects they feel may be weak at the moment.

“I want us to make a big jump defensively so that we can avoid getting scored on as much so that it makes it easier for our offense to catch up when we may be down,” senior Wes Hilbers said.

The playoffs bring the best out of every team.

“We need to keep shooting the ball with confidence since we have a good number of shooters, and I want to contribute to the team when they need me most,” Hilbers said.

With five seniors on the team they have a well experienced group after reaching the playoffs last year.

“I need to understand my role on the team,” senior Kolbi Cox said. “The farther we go, the closer the games will get and it’s my job to be sure we play our game and stay calm throughout the game.”