FCCLA loses long-time sponsor, finds other solutions to continue traditions


Donnette Odom

Members of the FCCLA enjoying their most recent hot chocolate meeting

Kodi Graham, Entertainment Editor

The members of Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America have different opinions over losing the flower shop fundraiser produced by Millwright.

The fundraiser was a source of income for the FCCLA members. Not having it anymore means that the group does not have a primary source of income.

“I have mixed feelings,” FCCLA sponsor Donnette Odom said. “It’s sad to not be able to stick with our traditions, but it opens the door to some new possibilities.”

Ms. Odom isn’t the only one with an opinion, however.

FCCLA members also have their own views of the situation.

“It’s kind of sad,” senior president Brian De La Rosa said. “I liked the ability and the feeling of helping people get flowers for their significant others. It really brought out the ‘Valentine’s spirit,’ whatever that is.”

Junior Morgan Essary said she was affected by the turn of events as well.

“Not having Millwright support us anymore was hard at first,” Essary said. “It was scary to imagine us not being able to make the mums or garters, but Ms. Odom’s floral design class really saved us.”

FCCLA was hoping to be able to do something for Valentine’s Day but was  unable to provide any services.

“Previously, besides selling the flowers, we had balloons or candies you could give to a significant other for Valentine’s,” Essary said. “I hope we’ll be able to do something.”

Ms. Odom said she is still hoping to be able to sell something or do an activity for Valentine’s. “Nothing’s been confirmed yet, however,” she said.

Although FCCLA might not have their hands full entirely, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any big end-of-the-year plans.

Donnette Odom”

— It’s sad to not be able to stick with our traditions, but it opens the door to some new possibilities.

“At the end of the second semester, FCCLA has its annual trip to the Scarborough Fair,” said Essary. “We’re all really excited, and can’t wait to have a great time!”

De La Rosa is especially looking forward to their upcoming trip.

“Our trip is always an amazing experience, and it really brings together our members. It’s an important and memorable time in our lives,” De La Rosa said.