Baseball Season Approaches

Ty Bates, Sports Editor

With a new head coach, the varsity baseball boys  say what their goals and expectations are for the upcoming season.

“I am  hoping to win the district championship and advance even farther from there on and are keeping that as the main goal of ours until we get there,” Coach Corbin Brooks said.

Coach Brooks says he is looking for the team to constantly improve as the season goes along.

“If we get to the playoffs, we are going to be seeing if we can make a deep playoff run and get over the three-round hump that the team hasn’t been able to get over in the previous years,” Coach Brooks said.

The players decide what they want to do this season and how they plan on attacking the competition.

“I want us to be able to constantly stay positive and not get down on each other or the team whenever something goes wrong so that we always have energy and confidence to get work done,” sophomore Justin Browning said.

The players state where they are wanting to go and what they plan on accomplishing.

“I hope we can win a disrict championship and after that go all the way to state if possible,” Browning said.

Along with their team goals, they have personal goals that they hope to accomplish as well.

“I want to slap at least 10 dingers this season so that I can get some runs on the board whenever it is most needed,” senior Conner Byrd said.

Even with the aggresive mind set from the offensive point of view, Conner Byrd wants to make sure that the defensive side of things is locked down too.

“I want to allow the least amount of hits possible off my pitching in order to not be set back in anyway,” Byrd said.